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Rules are made to be broken.

Creative artists and chefs share a common. It’s important to be creative while traditions are respected. It’s not easy to conduct the co-existence of two different elements.


Our Menu

Get Relax. Eat.

Land, Sea, Sky, Mountain, River. Korean cuisine is rich in its ingredients from various natural resources. Yori’s Menu also contains this variety. Don’t forget about our Sushi.

Beef Ribs BBQ Gyoza (King size) x 5 - 13.00

Gyoza is made of the finest Beef Ribs. The meat is barbecued.

Philadelphia Roll (8 pieces) - CHF 16.00

Salmon, Philadelphia Cheese, Avocado, Cucumber, Tobikko.

Tempura Set - 14.00

King Shrimp / Salmon / Squid / Tuna / Vegetable.

Glass noodles & BBQ beef (Mini version) - 13.00

Sweet Potato noodles with plenty of vegetables and Beef BBQ.

Korean Beef BBQ Meatball - 33.00

Egg fried rice, grilled Endive and Cauliflower. Seaweed Fish Soy sauce.

Bulgogi Beef Dosirak (Set Meal) - 37.00

Beef BBQ / 2 Vegetables / Spicy Chicken BBQ / Kimchi / Stewed Mackerel.

Ordinary Sushi - B (For two people) - 55 CHF

Check out the Menu.

Katsushika Hokusai (葛飾 北斎) - CHF 43

Check out the Menu.

Everything is Homemade

Moral Kitchen

Using 100% natural ingredients is our promise. Making our kitchen hygienic at all times is our commitment. We don’t do evil with what people eat.

Online Restaurant

It’s online but it works exactly like you are at a restaurant.

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